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Cast Nylon

Cast Nylon


Cast nylon's toughness, wear resistance, tensile strength and lubricity make it a good choice for many mechanical machine parts. Cast nylon is sometimes referred to as Nylacast®, Sustamid®, Tecast®, Ertalon®, Austlon®, Nylatron®, Zellamid®, Tecamid®.

Available in rod and sheet.

Brand: Dynex


  • Rollers
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Guides and spacers
  • Pallets
  • Gears
  • Slide plates
  • Sieves
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Rack gears
  • Star wheels
  • Liners
  • Very low levels of internal stress
  • High degree of crystallinity
  • Toughness at high levels of hardness
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good damping properties
  • Easy processing







Is Cast Nylon waterproof?

It’s not recommended to use cast nylon in wet applications. Moisture may cause cast nylon to enlarge to as much as 5% in fully immersed applications. 

Shall I use extruded nylon or cast nylon?

The decision should be made taking into consideration the differences between extruded nylon and cast nylon plastics:

  • Cast nylon inherently has less stress than extruded nylon
  • Cast nylon has a higher dimensional stability than extruded nylon due to lower moisture absorption
  • The more crystalline structure of cast nylon gives it a higher strength than extruded nylon
  • Cast nylon has a 20 degree higher operating temperature than extruded nylon


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